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Ballers Gang Members - NO-BAN GUARANTEE

BallersGold control OSRS cacao supply chain beginning to end, therefore we are the only gold shop offering:

No-Ban Guarantee

In other words, if you buy gold from us, and then get banned, you choose to either: DOUBLE UP - get paid 2x of what your account was worth or instruct our power levelling department to rebuild the IDENTICAL ACCOUNT - skills, quests, mini-quests, and mini-games included - FOR FREE!

...sniff...sniff...lay back and enjoy...

No more monotonous grind. No more boring questing. No more repetitive skilling. No more peasantish gear. Now, you are ballin'. Unique builds when PKing... best in slot items when PvMing.....and four-figure GP stacks when showing off...

Average players Log In...grind on hours end...and pass out; Ball hards, Log In...Throw Down...and Bounce...

Not everyone is accepted to the Gang tho, we only conduct business with people who meet our Safe Trading Criteria...but those who get through it, enjoy fat perks:

-No Ban Guarantee when buying gold

-Gang Exclusive Community Events

-Private power levelling and questing service - PimpMyBuild

-Access to eBooks such as "Scientific Staking” and ”Forbidden Fruits of OSRS”

-Access to the inside currency: CA$H

-Stock of hand trained accounts

Ballin' Hard? Apply HERE.

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