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Only at BallersGold:


Yes. You ain’t high.

If you buy gold from us - or account, or power levelling service - and then get banned, you choose to either:

DOUBLE UP - get paid 2x of what your account was worth, or…

...instruct our power levelling department to rebuild the identical account - skills, quests, mini-quests, and mini-games included - FOR FREE! And, we will also reimburse you with whatever bank you have had on.

Sounds impossible?

Impossible is getting banned when you deal with BallersGold. None. That’s how many customers we have got banned in three years of business.

Without spoiling too much detail, this is how we operate.

BallersGold Controls Entire Supply Chain

First, our workers hand farm gold utilising a number of private methods. Then, farmed gold goes through 2-week long laundering process. And finally, gold is funneled to end users though crafty delivery methods.

As we are in control of the entire supply chain, we are able to instil highest security procedures along every step of the process, and thus offer No-Ban Guarantee.

Quality Over Quantity

Unfortunately, sophisticated gathering - and trading - processes turn into limited supply at the bottom line. This means two things:

One: gold is more expensive at BallersGold. So, if you are shopping for the lowest rates, I suggest checking out Probemas, or Bogla, or any other high profile gold shop.

We excel in staying low key. Excellence, however, requires time. And time is money.

Two: In order to stay low key, we do avoid trading flagged accounts - snitches - like plaque. For this reason, we only conduct business with people who meet our Safe Trading Criteria.

Safe Trading Criteria

To avoid compromising the entire operation - including hundreds of existing customers - we take high safety precautions that manifest in Safe Trading Criteria. In short, we exclusively deal with players who play the game legitimate way. In other words, players who play for fun rather than business purposes.

This is why every prospect of BallersGold is required to fill application form and go through a background check conducted by Investigation Team. The whole procedure takes 3-5 business days. If accepted, a prospect is invited to join BallersGang - a family of OSRS ball hards!

Members of BallersGang Enjoy:

-No Ban Guarantee when buying gold

-Gang Exclusive Community Events

-Private power levelling and questing service - PimpMyBuild

-Access to eBooks such as "Scientific Staking” and ”Forbidden Fruits of OSRS”

-Access to the inside currency: CA$H

-Stock of hand trained accounts

Apply here NOW!

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