From the desk of iBallhard,

Den of BallersGold

Welcome to BallersGold, my distribution center of OSRS cacao plantation.

BallersGold, however, is not your regular middlemaning platform - a shop that acquires gold supply from Chinese or Venezuelans, and by doing so puts end user at a risk of ban hammer.

Every single GP sold at BallersGold comes from my own OSRS gold farming operations, and only from there. Control of the whole supply chain allows me to instill the highest safety procedures along every step of the process. These steps manifest in Safe Trading Criteria, and my confidence...in No-Ban Guarantee.

And believe me or not, I do it all for the love of the game. Every Ball Hard - go getter, hustler, dream chaser - should have an opportunity to enjoy the game to the fullest, despite the lack of time and plenty of commitment.

I love Runecape. Heck, I still remember how OG I felt when I bought a REAL Rune scim after falling for a Mith scim scam a week ago; how sweaty my palms were after the first PK kill on my pure; how the rest of the world vanished for a second when I got cleaned at Duel Arena.

But childhood is over, these days I am too busy managing my projects, studying copywriting, and spending time with the family, I only have an hour or two of leisure time a day. And trust me, the last thing I want to do during this time is run through the same quests or grind out the same skills, all over again.

I grew up. And so did the way I play Runescape. These days, I just Log In. Sniff some OSRS cacao. And Log out.

I let BallersGold employees take care of the rest.

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