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[LIMITED ACCESS] 5 Ways to Make $$$ Off OSRS

And I am not talking about Venezuelan style gold farming.

No, I am talking about methods that anyone who plays OSRS during leisure time can exploit. And most importantly, methods that are worth your time even if you make $10/hour or more

There is one requirement tho.

A desire to generate side income.

Remember: If there is a why there is a way.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First. Good ol’ Grand Exchange flipping done at scale.

Key here, of course, is at scale. Don’t even bother to flip with 50m bank or you will become discouraged and tap out quicker than McGregor.

Since you can expect to make 5% daily return on your investment, you really want to have at least 500m - ideally 2b+ - to work with. Working with 2b you will make ~100m/day which at current gold rates translates to $40. Not bad for an hour of work a day.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I wouldn’t keep more than 1b/account. Also, when selling gold, make sure that you first launder gold through legitimate accounts before trading gold buyers. In other words, don’t interact with gold sellers using your money account. Laundering gold through mules will highly reduce risks of getting money account banned.

Finally, if you operate more than 3 flippers with 1b each, I would highly consider separating them with High Quality proxies.

Second. Middlemanning services

Chances are, if you are not perma muted, you have a network of prospective clients sitting in your friend’s list, in your clan chat, or in friends that play with you. And since 75% of OSRS community buys gold or power leveling services, these people are potential clients of yours yearning for a reliable service provider that they could trust.

Talk with them, build rapport, add them on messenger or WhatsApp, and then pitch them an idea of the services or gold sales.

What if they agree and you have no power levelers or gold suppliers?

Create an account on Sythe and/or botting forums and network with suppliers there.

Yes, takes some effort, but hey, you are already networking with people while playing the game, make use of that time for some side $$$.

Third. High Risk PvPing

This includes High risk wilderness fights, as well as range/mage and move on Duel Arena duels..

As your skill level directly determines profits, you have to approach this method as an athlete.

Practice. Get accurate mouse. Design and order software that helps with prayer switches and what not. In other words, look for competitive advantage anywhere and everywhere.

Fourth and Fifth methods are only available exquisitely for the members of BallersGang.

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