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Is iBallHard a Scammer?


Mantas - iBallHard - here, this is an open letter for every prospective customer of mine.

You are reading this because just like every other responsible consumer - you too - enquire before acquire.

Good, I wouldn't expect anything less of you. So here is the deal.

Chances are you've already seen posts of people accusing me of scamming back from 2017, if not, go ahead and google "BallersGold scam" and you will find links leading to Sythe and other forums.

Before you jump to conclusion that I am a scammer and leave the site for good, let me explain myself.

Firstly: NO. I have not scammed anyone. But yes, there was an internal havoc that happened inside BallersGold back in 2017.

In short, I drifted from gold selling business to odds staking, soon after, workers sensed the lack of management, and as a result quality of customer support drowned like rock in water until it hit bottom when one of my employees collected payment and bounced, leaving customer - Shauna - hanging on the line...

At that point in time, I could have easily solved the situation by personally contacting Shauna. But for whatever reason, I wasn't available during those days. Don't get me wrong, I was aware of the ongoing situation and scam accusations, but instead of coming through myself, I trusted my staff to solve the issue at hand.

They didn't and I got banned on Sythe which got me chain banned on all other forums.

Shauna, on the other hand, was paid back soon after my ban. Sythe moderators can confirm the fact. Just ask.

Secondly, I am well aware of the fact that prospective customers are going to google Ballers Gold name while searching for proof about my legitimacy. I am also well aware of the fact that they will find scam reports.

Yet, instead of rebranding and hiding, I choose to roll with the same name and the same brand, because I believe in the ownership of past mistakes. I believe these mistakes made me who I am today and if that means losing one or two customers, I don't mind. I will take it.

All said, however, I will let my actions speak louder than my words. I will keep hustling. Keep providing value. Keep generating positive feedback. And hopefully in a month or two, the question whether iBallHard is legit will come off as an insult, again.


Mantas, iBallHard

Posted 4 months ago
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