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“RWT ruins the game!!!”

“Umm, sure, you would have no game to play without RWT though”

Look, I have been on the both sides of camp: an elitist who wouldn’t pay 200k to skip the Monkey Madness puzzle; and an RWT’er who ran a gold selling business, provided power levelling services, and farmed gold.

I have started my Runescape journey in 2004 and for the next 10 years played the game as a hopeless elitist, but then in 2014, life forced me to join the dark forces. Therefore, I believe, I possess a rare set of understanding that represents both camps fairly well.

So here are my thoughts on the matter.

First, I am sure both camps agree upon one thing: Old School Runescape is the grindiest MMO ever created. Heck, it’s a miracle that it’s still being maintained in this high paced world we live in.

Want a decent pure to have fun with? Sure, just make a sacrifice of a few hundred hours of your time.

5x the sacrifice if you want a main to raid with your friends.

Want to forget gold worries?

Let’s see.

To afford the best gear, you need what, 2-3b, right? 5m/h sounds like a good money making method. Ok. That’s another 600 hours… Almost a month of non stop grind…

Sure, my numbers may be off, but the point is not, OSRS is extremely time consuming. And to make matters even worse, the majority of fun content is closed behind the door which require thousands of hours of bloody work to open up.

Now, there are elitists who enjoy the grind, who enjoy the slow achievement pace and that is alright, however, not everyone is the same.

As an advanced society we MUST respect and value indifference. After all, at the fundamental level, different points of view fuels progress.

Besides, the main reason why most people play games is to have fun. Sure, some like to compete, some use games to fill the inner bucket of accomplishment with in-game milestones, however, the vast majority play games TO HAVE FUN AND REWIND.

Grinding, sledging, and struggling, for most people, is simply not fun.

These people want to Log In. Ball Out. And Log Out.

These people grind already - in real life. On top of hobbies, family meetings, and other commitments, some of them juggle between two jobs, some work and study at the same time, some have kids to take care of, some have businesses to run.

All these people can afford is an hour or two in a day - or in a week… and while they all LOVE OSRS just like elitists do, to play without RWT, for those people would mean to struggle… for the whole eternity...

So, instead of being judgmental, Mr Elitist, I invite you to open your mind and empathetically look at the nature of both the game and its player base, while disattaching from the internal perspective.

At some point, we all were elitists - we grinded and struggled. But for most of us this type of gameplay is over. We grew up and so did the way we play the game.

However, the fact that we still play the game should be enough.

We do because we love it so much. It connects us to the long lost childhood days. Those carefree days that will never be fully back, but with the help of Runescape, can be experienced once again, if only for a glimpse of an hour a day.

Posted 6 months ago
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