No-Ban Guarantee

The most loyal members of Ballers Gang gain access to No-Ban Guarantee. Here is how it works.

If a gang member with an active No-ban Guarantee purchases gold - or account, or power levelling service - and then gets banned within 31 day after the purchase, he or she chooses to either:

DOUBLE UP - get paid 2x of what the account was worth, or…

...instruct my power levelling team to rebuild an identical account - skills, quests, mini-quests, and mini-games included - FOR FREE!

Sounds impossible, I know, but hear me out.

I Control The Entire Gold Supply Chain

First I farm gold utilising a number of private methods. Then, farmed gold goes through a 2-week long laundering process. And finally, it is transferred from my high quality accounts to the end user via crafty delivery methods.

As I control the entire supply chain, I am able to instil the highest security procedures along every step of the process, and thus offer No-Ban Guarantee.

Quality Over Quantity

Unfortunately, sophisticated gathering - and trading - processes turn into limited supply at the bottom line. This means two things:

One: gold is more expensive at BallersGold. So, if you are shopping for the lowest rates, I suggest checking out Probemas, or Bogla, or any other high profile gold shop.

I excel at staying low key. Excellence, however, requires time. And time is money.

Two: In order to actually stay low key, I avoid trading snitches - flagged accounts - like plaque. For this reason, I only conduct business with people who meet Safe Trading Criteria.

G2A Pay
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