No-Ban Guarantee

The most loyal members of Ballers Gang gain access to No-Ban Guarantee.

Here is how it works.

If a gang member with an active No-ban Guarantee purchases gold - or account, or power leveling service - and then gets banned within 31 day after the purchase, he or she chooses to either:

DOUBLE UP - get paid 2x of what the account was worth, or…

...instruct my power leveling team to rebuild an identical account - skills, quests, mini-quests, and mini-games included - FOR FREE!

Sounds impossible, I know, but hear me out: The methods I use to acquire, move, and sell gold drastically differ from the methods regular shops use, they simply buy from China and sell to the end user.

My methodology, on the other hand, manifests in trading philosophy which I call Safe Trading Criteria.

G2A Pay
Western Union