Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.1 Customer's identification documents and information that has been sent to us would not be disclosed by our agent to third parties unless they have been a fraud or any issue in the payment.

1.2 Information we get from your use of our services will not be compromised unless there has been a fraud in play. Your personal particulars such as your address, emails and phone number will not be diclosed to anyone. The only people that will be able to view your personal particulars will be, BallersGold Agents. However in the case of a dispute, Legal authorities and payment processors will have all rights to view them if they request for it.

1.3 This privacy policy applies so that customers have the best customer service possible. Privacy policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. In any case of amendments to be done to our privacy policy, we will provide a notice.

1.4 Privacy and Security are our upmost priority. We want customers to feel safe and therefore we uphold a tight privacy policy. We will keep record of conversations you have with our agents in any case that we might need to bring it up, it would not be a hassle to find it.

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