Safe Trading Criteria

During my Real World Trading career, which started in 2014, I been flagged, banned, chained, warned, and sentenced by Jagex in every way imaginable.

These - now almost 6 - years of trading laid foundation for Safe Trading Criteria, the trading philosophy which I developed in late 2017 during the peak of my odds staking career, in attempts to fly under Jagex bot busting radar.

Then, two years later, with a few tweaks in between, I applied it to gold selling side of business in order to keep accounts of my customers - and my own accounts - safe.

What exactly is Safe Trading Criteria - STC?

STC combines various verification and trading processes in order to ensure the safest possible transaction between the gold seller and the gold buyer.

Firstly, and most importantly, I will only deliver gold to accounts that meet STC standards, this is why every prospect is asked to fill a short application form detailing basic account information that helps me to gauge the Safety Score of the account.

Reason for this is simple: higher quality accounts are less monitored by Jagex bot busting team, and thus are safer to trade.

Secondly, instead of acquiring stock from Chinese or Venezuelans who use low quality, often flagged accounts to farm gold, I produce 90% of gold supply myself using high quality accounts that exploit end-game farming methods.

Thirdly, before delivering gold to the end user, I launder all of my supply through the network of legitimate accounts that clock thousands of game play hours.

Fourthly, gold is delivered to the end user using crafty delivery methods.

All these steps result in a unprecedented track record.

None. That's how many customers I got banned in all these years of business. In fact, my confidence is so high that I am the only gold seller who covers his clients with No-Ban Guarantee

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