Safe Trading Criteria

Safe Trading Criteria - STC - was developed in late 2017, during the peak of my odds staking career, in attempts to fly under Jagex’s Bot Busting radar.

Then, two years later, with a few tweaks in between, I applied it to gold selling side of business in order to keep my customers - and my own accounts - safe from the ban hammer.

What exactly is Safe Trading Criteria?

STC is a two-step verification process that I use to gauge if a prospective customer is safe to trade with. Here are the steps.

First, I measure if prospective account meets STC standards, this is why I ask every prospect to fill a short application form detailing basic account information. Keep in mind that if you show up with a different account, I will be forced to cancel transaction and issue a refund.

Second, if you go through the first step, then you will be asked to place a fixed test order of 30m.

No more, no less.

You place a test order of 30m; then, once gold is delivered, I will take up to 5 business days to monitor the account I delivered gold with.

If during these 5 days my account doesn’t get flagged, banned, or offended in any other way, I will assume that your account is safe to trade with and you will be invited to join Ballers Gang.

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